Team Ministry

Team Ministry

Functioning as the Body of Christ

There is but one God, who exists in the form of the Three Persons – the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. We believe God has created us in his image and therefore he intends to fulfill his purposes through us in a relationship of Team Ministry. While Scripture puts an undeniable emphasis on our personal responsibility to respond to his love with a very personal faith, it also puts an equal emphasis on the need to fulfill and live out our faith in a context of team relationships of accountability, love and support. We need look no further than the ministry of Christ to see this principle lived out. Jesus’ ” ministry teams” begin with the Trinity, include Mary and Joseph and the Israelite community, and his life’s work is fulfilled in the context of calling and working with twelve disciples. If we stand back and look more closely at the ministries of Abraham, Moses, David, or Peter, John and especially Paul, we will see all the marks of an intense team relationship in fulfilling ministry.

At New City, we are committed to ministry only moving forward within the context of teams. People do individually minister, but it they fulfill their ministry within a team framework. Learning to endure through prayer and believing the promises of God together, seeing a variety of gifts unleashed, gaining wisdom and insight from different members of the body all have opportunity to become a reality as we intentionally commit ourselves to Team Ministry.


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