Dennise Koech

Dennis Koech was born in Kericho, Kenya. He is the son to two wonderful parents, Pastor Joseph Rono and Ann Rono. He has one brother and two sister. He studied communication at Daystar University, something that he has always been passionate about since he was young. He always wanted to be able to impact lives through media and music and that is what he practices to date. He first got to interact with a piano at age 9. That developed his passion for music. By the time he was joining high school, he was able to play and lead a number of worship songs well. During this early period, Dennis’s Dad opened a Music production and Film studio in Kericho. This allowed him to also learn other musical instruments and also learn film production. These skills that he learnt allowed him to serve in the worship and media team in Daystar University Chapels. In his final year, he was elected the worship and Media Team leader. Upon his graduation he was awarded the most Creative award because of his participation in various school projects and productions.

About Ministry

I later on joined New city fellowship and served and a bass guitarist and Singer till 2021 where he was chosen to be the Worship Leader. The goal of the New City worship team is to lead and assist the congregation of New City Fellowship in structured corporate worship during Sunday service and other events, and to encourage them towards a lifestyle of sincere worship that is consistent every day of the week. The Worship team comprises, the Vocal ensemble and the Instrumentalist. New City worship team is currently being led by Dennis Koech. The worship team also has a position of Lead Singer who is in charge of singer’s and instrumentalists’ artistry. Currently, this position has been filled by Cathy Matete. The worship team currently has 6 Vocalist and 4 instrumentalists. So far we have the accompaniment of the piano/keyboard, drums, guitar and bass guitar. For us to effectively reach our goals, it is important for each member of the team to be born again,have a living and growing relationship with Jesus Christ,be musically inclined,have a teachable spirit,be willing to grow in tune and sensitivity to the Holy Spirit and be accountable to each other as we build a bond of love, trust and strength. In our Services, we attempt to sing praise and worship songs from different dialects that are represented in our congregation. Some of the songs we sing are from the following languages; English, Swahili, Hindi (Gujarati, Punjabi, Tamil), German, Lingala etc. Apart from that, the worship team, through being led by the Holy Spirit, attempts to select songs that are in line with the sermon. Our desire for each session of ministry is that the congregation would encounter the presence of God, that lives would be transformed and that the congregation would be ignited into a relentless outburst of praise and worship unto the Lord.