Catherine Matete

Cathy Matete is a born again award winning singer, songwriter, recording and performing artist, who’s unique style is as a result of a lifetime of music influenced largely by Gospel singers like Brooke Fraser, Reuben Kigame, Eunice Njeri, Hillsong and Cece Winans. She comes from a family of 9 children.

About Ministry

Serves at New City Fellowship as the Lead Singer, Some of her roles include but not limited to crafting worship experiences that create an atmosphere that bring about life-change, a passion for the creative and the detailed (vocalists), offer training and voice lessons for the choir members) and developing consistent standards of excellence in worship ministry areas. Its been a bitter sweet 8 years of Ministry at New City Fellowship, my church family. With highs and lows and a complete evolution from a shy young singer to a confident team leader of a group of 10 faithful musicians. Leading and creating an atmosphere that takes God’s people to the feet of Jesus.I love to worship God. My singing stretches any idea of making a joyful noise to the Lord and my favorite instrument to play is vibrating my vocal chords to the King. I earnestly desire that all seek the face of God. I’m NOT one of those lead singers who believe congregational singing is just entertainment and warming up the crowd before the message. In my thinking, the time of congregational praise and prayer is just as important as the preaching. Because this prepares you to hear from God.What i seek Is to share Christ with the lost on a regular basis. The worshiper of God cannot help but be a proclaimer of God to the lost.When it comes to perfecting my craft i must say It was somewhat difficult leading a band without any knowledge of music theory (the one they teach in schools). However, i started small and learnt a few chord progressions on the guitar, understood keys and continued learning the language of music and how other musicians like to work together. In my 8 yrs in Ministry i have learnt that growing in musical skills will help any worship leader be able to lead more confidently and communicate more effectively with their team as well as the congregation. Which at New City consists of different races and tribes, achieving the overrall mission of the church.