Small Groups 


Small groups are a more intimate meeting of the church where individuals are more personally discipled, nurtured, and equipped in their faith to take their part in becoming the full expression of Christ in this world. While we have just begun to develop this ministry our goal is for our house Churches to meet during the week in different homes throughout Nairobi (Acts 2:42-47)

NCF Nairobi is committed to a system of smallgroups through which the primary care of
the people of God for one another can take place. Our commitment to each other as fellow members of God’s family means we will walk through all the ups and downs of life together. It also means we maintain a fundamental commitment to each other that everyone’s basic needs for life- food, shelter, clothing, nurture, love and care – will be met through the body of believers. Pastors and Deacons assist the members of the church in fulfilling this call to love, both by modeling and by teaching the congregation how to walk in the grace of the Gospel to fulfill this calling.

Currently we have four groups that meet regularly.  One at the Kilimani area every other Wednesday evening  (0733 622 960), one in Parklands each Friday night (0722 701 717), one in South C that meets every other Thursday (0722 811 660).  We hope to start up one in the Kiambu area soon.