Overcomers by Grace

Website link- http://www.overcomersbygrace.org/

Overcomers by Grace page 1Overcomers By Grace was started in 1999 by one of our members, Shafkat Khan.  Because of his own physical disability,  Shafkat recognized the need for children and adults with physical and mental disability to be shown love in practical ways.  Though Shafkat has since gone to be with Jesus his wife keep the ministry running with the help of some wonderful volunteers.

As a church we are supportive of this ministry because it offers kindness and love to children and adults who were marginalized and often abused.


Overcomers by Grace seeks to proclaim the Gospel of Grace and show the love of Christ Overcomers by Grace page 2todisabled Asians and native Kenyans and their families. Due to the oppressive tenets of Hinduism and Islam, many disabled people experience isolation and abuse from their families and the Hindu and Muslim communities. As a Muslim, Shafkat Khan experienced these dynamics first-hand following a serious auto accident that hospitalized him for over six years and paralyzed him below the waist.  Following his profession of faith in Christ, Shafkat was moved by the Holy Spirit to shine the light of the gospel into the dark lives of others in his situation.

For the past nine years, Shafkat and his wife Sabia have gathered youths and adults from their homes to share the love of Christ through fellowship, tutoring, basic physical and occupational therapy, and proclaiming the Gospel of grace. The ministry also includes outreach to the families of the participants. By demonstrating the tangible results of patiently loving and teaching each participant, the ministry reveals the abilities and dignity of each participant to their family. Seemingly simple victories, such as feeding oneself or using a computer, become a powerful testimony to the restorative power of the Gospel. Overcomer by Grace currently meets three times per week. Four paid staffers assist the students with tutoring and basic physical and speech therapy. Additional part-time staffers assist with communications, accounting, cleaning, and transportation.

Overcomers by Grace page 3The Nairobi Missions Team participates in the ministry through prayer, financial support, provision of medical equipment, and broader oversight. In 2011, Overcomers organized local fundraising events and participated in local conferences promoting mercy ministries to the disabled. Several new students began attending regularly, requiring an increase in the size of the staff. In 2012, Overcomers is planning to hold another walk-a-thon to raise funds locally and extend the invitation to get involved. The ministry is seeking to raise funds for a wheelchair-accessible van, as well as securing a larger meeting space for the ministry. Please remember to pray our brothers and sisters who faithfully serve in this powerful ministry to the physically weak, but spiritually rich.