Orphan Chart

An Orphan’s View A Son’s View Mixed Up Orphan/Son View
God Stern Judge Sense of Disapproval Loving Father who accepts and approves Grandfather/ understanding/ detached
Sin Guilty Powerless Depressed Penance Defensive Forgiven and righteous Free to repent-change Better than others- Resigned to failure- Lowers the   standard
Prayer Difficult Results based on performance First resort is to ask Father to fulfill His will Vague and Unfocused Unanswered
Others Judgmental/Controlling Distrustful Free to Love Confident of Spirit’s Power Self-Centered/ Self-Protective
Obedience Self-righteous/ Basis of God’s discipline/Determination/ Unlimited Obligation/Joyless/Must look good at all cost Joyfully confident of the Spirit’s power to enable through   grace Weakness/Partial and rationalized/Self-indulgent/Careless
Ministry Independent/Self-reliant/Driven and Burned Out/Boastful Believe God’s Spirit works through Teams to advance His   kingdom Evasive/Unable to endure
Suffering Good=blessed Bad=punishment Believes God orders life to transform us into   Christ-likeness Survival/Numb or Run
Motivation Success-Failure/Reputation/Law-Keeping/Approval Grace/God’s undeserved love Feelings Desires Pleasures

The way back to being a “Son” in these areas is to believe the good news of the Gospel, to boast in the Gospel: that you are loved, forgiven and accepted as righteous in God’s sight in each of these areas by one means only – as a gift through Jesus Christ and His work on your behalf.